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Woof! Everything always takes longer than you think it will!  We’re still working on this site, and in the process of partnering with a book site that features unknown (but awesome!) authors.  Keep checking back. Thanks!

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Hiya! Right now, we’re doing some remodeling, so no new posts, but since you’re here, why don’cha browse around and read a little? If not, we’re still friends, but come on back and visit us again. Thanks!

Going Purple – Part 2

purple-skinned carrots

This is Part Two of our “purple” series. We’ll be featuring more fantastic purple food ideas in the coming weeks. Time to start a garden, even if you only have a planter or pots on the porch. A little home-grown Continue reading Going Purple – Part 2

The Adventures of Anna – At the Aquarium

Adventures of Anna at the Aquarium

The educational adventures of Anna, her friend Susan and her parents continues, with them going to the Aquarium.  The book’s format remains the same with more beautiful, engaging and appealing pictures intermingled with the text in a very non-traditional and Continue reading The Adventures of Anna – At the Aquarium