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A lady, Brenda, started corresponding with my father some years ago. They were both interested in genealogy (family trees and such), and it was determined that we were related.
We are distant cousins who share the same great-grandfather, I think it is. Does that make us third cousins? I’m not sure.

Anyway, I was here in California pursuing the golden dream (acting and actually getting paid for it), and so was Brenda! She does not act, but sings, composes songs, and builds websites in her spare time. 😉 She also draws and paints. (Lately now, she’s also doing digital art on her computer.)

My father gave us each other’s contact information, and I finally got around to calling her. We had a nice chat, and I promised to come to one of her performances. She sings while her husband plays the keyboard. They have a circuit around L.A. country clubs, night clubs, and restaurants.

I was a little uneasy, because I had no idea what they did, and it’s very hard to find something positive to say when you don’t think a performance is up to par, but Wheew! what a relief! I had a great time. Brenda has a mellow alto voice and I enjoyed her songs. Doug (her husband) provides great background for her lyrics.

I highly recommend them. Mind you, if you’re into hard rock or the Dresden Dolls, they’re probably not your thing. But if you’re looking for smooth, mellow tunes, especially during a lazy Sunday brunch, you won’t go wrong.

Brenda also restores damaged pictures, “and much much more!” 😉 She has watercolors, oils, and if you don’t see something you want, ask her. She can probably make it for you.
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