Birch Tree Logger Days

With the advent of fall comes many festivals celebrating all aspects of Earth’s bounty. Come October, there aren’t enough weekends to spread around for all the events.

Birch Tree, Missouri, is no different. Though a small town, Birch Tree boasts a logging industry, and fall provides the perfect excuse to highlight it.

Besides the vendors reminding us of civic programs and activities, and providing free games and souvenirs, there are also those selling food (always highly popular), and more specialized items such as hand-crafted goods and raw honey.

Guests are invited to display their special skill, and this year, a gentleman with a chain saw showed up.  I happened to be at the festival, and kept hearing a chain saw growling and whining on the other side of the park where the vendors were.  I didn’t make it over there to see what was happening, but now and again I heard the chain saw going at it.

Blue grass musicians played in the bandstand. Kids ran amok up and down the park and playground. Finally, it was time for the parade, with vehicles from the logging industry driving slowly down the street. There were several types of trucks, and one challenged onlookers to guess the number of tons of logs being transported by the truck. (I don’t know who won that one.  What do you think? One log weighs an awful lot.)

Logging truck filled with logs

The parade ended, and people started clearing out of the park, heading for the fireworks location. I finally got over to where I’d heard the chain saw, and wished I’d gone there sooner. The guy was demonstrating wood-carving with a chain saw. He was busy loading up his creations in the back of a pickup truck, but I was able to snap a picture fast.

Wood animal statues carved with chainsaw

He does better with a chain saw than I could with a knife. Maybe he’ll be back next year.

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