I was able to visit my daughter, Heather, and see a few friends in L.A. the first week of December (I came early to avoid the holiday rush), and it was so nice.

Had one disconcerting moment on the plane coming in, though. We were losing altitude (to land) over the outskirts of the city, when I saw a light in the sky out the window. I thought it was a plane, and when it curved around toward us, I thought perhaps it was also preparing for a landing. It kept coming closer, though, heading right for the wing I was sitting by. I couldn’t believe I was about to witness an in-air collision. At the last moment the light turned, and I saw it was a helicopter. Thank you, God.

I had to renew my acquaintance with Hollywood Blvd., of course, so I went window-shopping.  Current examples of Hollywood color:

I saw a biker T-shirt – black w/yellow lettering announcing, “I’m the bitch who fell off.”
Another window held your standard bare-female-breasts coffee mug with a twist; there was a dark bathing suit tan line on it. Cracked me up.

I saw a Batman, a Superman, and no less than three Spidermen,  in front of the Hollywood and Highland mall. It looked like each Spiderman had staked out a block for himself.

Walking from a bus stop to Trader Joe’s, I noticed a little shop whose sign proclaimed, “White Witch of Studio City – Angela’s Secret Power.”  I was mildly intrigued, but, having no need of a tarot card reading, spiritual guidance, or a love spell at the time, I moved on. (What I needed was groceries.)

Spent an enjoyable time at Trader Joe’s (as usual), and subway-ing back to Hollywood, I disembarked at the Hollywood/Vine station. All the subway stations in L.A. have a different motif, and the Hollywood/Vine is my favorite – the ceiling at the mid-level is completely covered with old blue-painted movie reels. Stylized palm trees provide support for the ceiling, and a huge old-fashioned movie camera completes the picture.  You know you’re in Hollywood when you disembark at THAT station!

Walking down the residential street to where I was staying, a squirrel darted off a lawn and scurried up a tree. I stopped and looked at it, because it was staring at me (from a safe height.)  Its mouth looked rather distorted, and before it scampered to a higher branch, I was able to see that it was holding a large peanut shell sideways in its teeth. Gave it a sort of strange, wide grin. Groucho the squirrel. 😉

Sunday, Heather and I attended the Victoria Rowell Foster Children’s Positive Plan Christmas party at the House of Blues.  I’d never been to the House of Blues, so I was glad to see it.  We were on the first floor back in the bar. An adjoining room served brunch. (It was good.)  The party was fun and touching. Successful foster kids spoke to everyone, and there was a raffle and Santa handing out gifts to the families in another room.

Afterwards, Heather and I took a road trip (by subway and bus) to Burbank. Our goal was to find Yummy Cupcakes. Not just any yummy cupcakes, but an actual store by that name where they bake cupcakes every day. Heather’s big interest in it was that they also feature a vegan flavor daily.

Upon arrival, we eagerly entered the store. They did indeed look yummy. Heather got “sugar cookie” and I got “chocolate yummy.” Both were aptly named. My chocolate yummy cupcake was an orgy of fudge.  We decided we would take our cupcakes home and eat them over a couple of days, so that’s what we did.

The rest of my stay was spent having tea with a friend, and watching a couple of movies with Heather. Altogether enjoyable and relaxing.
I flew back uneventfully, and enjoyed having no snow.  (Well, not then. We have it now!)

I hope everyone had a good holiday season!


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