Movin’ East

Well, I made it to the Midwest.  It’s quite a way from Los Angeles, California, but they are more interested when you tell them you are an actor and performer – not as many of them out here.

Dan (my business associate), picked me up in his van, which developed engine trouble bringing me back from the Springfield airport. We were planning on going to Branson while we were in the neighborhood, but had to climb several thousand feet.  It was too much for the van (it’s old).  The catalytic converter clogged, and the back pressure blew a seal, or something.  It was smoking, so we pulled in to a rest stop/grocery store.  Dan opened the hood, and I noticed a small fire, so he went into the store, urgently asking for a fire extinguisher.  The proprietor finally dragged himself outside with a fire extinguisher in tow, and liberally sprayed the flames.  I think some oil leaked onto the engine, and it was so hot the oil caught fire. There was no damage from it, thank goodness.

At any rate, Branson was not going to see us that day.  We had to get home, so we limped along. We did make it, but that took care of the van for any real driving.  Dan wanted to get a hearse (he’s had one before, and as a magician, it’s attention-getting), so we’ve been looking.

It took awhile to get things put away, and I still have a bunch of miscellaneous papers to sort one by one. Arrgh!  I love clear plastic storage boxes – they have changed my life. Bit by bit, piece by piece, I’m getting things organized and put away. I’ll be SO happy when I’ve finished.  I’ve been either packing or unpacking for quite awhile now, and I’m tired of it.

The weather has been GORGEOUS.

If it’s going to storm, we unplug the computers from the wall.  My mother had a Mac computer a couple of years ago.  She had it plugged into a surge protector, but one evening during a mild rain, a massive bolt of lightning suddenly hit. It was so loud, she thought it had hit the house at first. It hadn’t, but the computer was totally fried, even through the surge protector!  We don’t take chances anymore.  I certainly don’t need my Mac to die.  We had a tornado warning Thursday evening. Thank goodness it was just a storm that soon passed over.

Yeeha! The asparagus is coming up. (Yes, I know I take pleasure in small things.)  I pulled a few stalks this afternoon, brought them in, and sauteed them in olive oil with garlic and seasoning. I look forward to all the little stalks growing quickly.  Love fresh asparagus.

In search of a hearse, we finally found a lady who had a small funeral home in Rocky Comfort, Missouri. (I love that name!) She’s closed the business and had a few vehicles to sell.  This is a 1983 Cadillac hearse with only 48,000 miles on it.  Good to excellent condition. White body, black top.  We bought it for a song, drove it back here, and joined the local hearse club. (You never know what you’ll find out here!)

Now I have to look around and see what acting/performing activities are available…

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