Mt. View Pioneer Days

Off to another festival – this time to Mountain View, Missouri.  As the title implies, this festival’s theme recalls days in a time when electronics were not used to illuminate the cabin or to charge your iPad. (iPads were much harder to charge, back then. 😉 )

Vendors demonstrate pioneer days in their dress, and old-time skills, like blacksmithing.  An Ozark flavor is added with a hog-calling contest, a visit by “Minnie Pearl”, and a Duck Dynasty beard contest.

Duck Dynasty contestants

Here are the happy winners.

An added attraction was the logger contest – or maybe it was just finding out who’s the most macho, I don’t know.  The race course consisted of straw bales, truck tires, a pool of water, and an old-time saw used to cut trees down.

Logging race course

There were several teams of men who ran through the truck tires, sawed a log, turned around, jumped into the pool of water, threw the bales of straw in a designated spot, and ran back through the truck tires.  The fleetest team won.  I personally was happy to stand on the sidelines and snap pictures.

Sawing wood

There was a parade, of course, followed by the dispersal of tired but happy people. I made animal balloons for children. I know that’s not exactly pioneer period, but the kids liked it.

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