We May Never Make Beltane

After last year’s failure to even reach the Beltane grounds, we were determined to get there this year. All was set; we bravely drove forth to conquer the Ozark wilds–

We drove to the area, had to backtrack and FINALLY found the road we were supposed to take (it was easy to see, but had no sign), and got a bad feeling about being able to make it all the way in the hearse.  The road had some VERY steep parts, and at the bottom of one hill became a small stream. At least it wasn’t raining.

We found the “driveway” for this place, which thankfully, WAS marked with a sign. It forked, the left dirt path plunging off into the deep woods, the right heading up to a house with piles of junk in the yard.  I chose the right fork, and pulled up to the house.  I glimpsed what I thought was a huge dog, then saw to my relief that it was a small pony, tethered to a tree. Keeping it company was a large tom turkey and an inquisitive chicken. I started to knock on the door, and saw through the windows that the place was empty, except for small mountains of discarded clothing and assorted other junk. This was obviously not the place.

We were barely able to turn around, and felt that taking the cow path into the forest was not advisable.  I tried to call the supervisors of the event to cancel (again!), but had no signal up there in the hills. Of course. So we came back home, calling as soon as the signal returned. I don’t know that we’ll ever get to see the Beltane celebration, but we did discover the meaning of “deep woods” in the Ozarks.

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